I’ve been a sex worker for several years now, and I am very passionate about what I do and sex workers (lack of) rights.

So who are sex workers?

We can be escorts, phone sex operators, exotic dancers, webcam models, performers in adult media, pro dom(mes)/subs/switches etc.
In a broader sense: we are people.

Fuckförbundet – community for sex workers

I am involved in the Swedish grass root organisation for and by sex workers in (or with a connection to) Sweden, Fuckförbundet. We also have members in other Nordic countries. We are primarily working with community building – if you’re a sex worker in Sweden you shouldn’t have to feel isolated and alone. We also try to influence the discourse around sex work and sex workers. We have a number of resources available to us, as well as regular meetings both online and IRL, so if you are a sex worker in Sweden please don’t hesitate to contact us!
We want autonomy, rights and safety. We want decriminalization of sex work.

Infographic from ICRSE:

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