Please note that I am currently not updating Heartpie. Feel free to sub a month anyway to see my previous posts, just don’t forget to turn the subscription off if you don’t wanna give me free money.


…imagine a place where nsfw ideas are sourced from the crowd. because after all, no one knows what you want to watch better than you
we made heartpie to give everyone a way to openly share their nsfw ideas, and browse fun and unique ideas (recipes) shared by others…


Heartpie is a new platform (still in beta) where you can easily suggest a clip you want to see (a “recipe”), you can even request a certain person (a “baker”) to make (“bake”) the clip. To offer an extra incentive for your chosen person to make a clip you can offer cash (put a “bounty” on them).
It will be a cheap way to get a custom video, since the people who like your idea can offer cash towards getting it done too!
Heartpie also makes it possible for models/bakers to post pictures and videos, and offer a monthly subscription with different rewards.

Check it out by clicking here!